ISU’s new collaborative project with international partners

ISU has consistently demonstrated its commitment to addressing critical global challenges, with its water centers playing an important role in shaping research, policy, and sustainable solutions for water resource management. The university’s international collaborations have been instrumental in facilitating successful water research and development projects, including the Integrated Flood and Water Resources Management Project (IFWaRM), Flood and Sediment Management in River Basin for Sustainable Development (FSMART), Smart Water and Infrastructure Management (SWIM), and Sediment Evaluation and Development of Intervention (SEDI).

On October 24, 2023, the Asia Pacific Network conducted a kick-off meeting on a new international project “Nature-based solutions for food security under climate change effects for sustainable development in the Mekong Delta” This project is in collaboration with the Philippines (ISU), Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Cambodia, and Germany with the leadership of Vietnamese-German University in Vietnam under Dr. Doan Van Binh. It aims to assess the effects of climate change/ climate variability and human activities in the entire Mekong delta/Mekong basin. In this project, ISU will be involved in the stakeholders, policies, and decisions. Isabela State University has been in the forefront at implementing Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in the Cagayan River Basin.

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