1. Collaborative Meeting with Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI)
(December 1-2,2021)

  • Online Seminar Series (Isotope Techniques; Groundwater Modelling)
  • Field Work (April-March 2021)
  • MOA Signing

2. Training Course on Hydrology and Water Resources Management

(by Dr. Guillermo Tabios III, RD Lead)

Topics discussed:

  1. •Session 1: Probability and Statistical Analysis in Hydrology
  2. •Session 2: Precipitation Analysis
  3. •Session 3: Streamflow Analysis
  4. •Session 4: Spatial Interpolation of Hydrologic Variables
  5. •Session 5: Stochastic Modeling of Rainfall
  6. •Session 6: Stochastic Modeling of Streamflow
  7. •Session 7: Watershed Hydrologic Modeling
  8. •Session 8: Watershed Modeling with HEC-HMS

3 . Coordination with BSWM on the Drilling of wells in the Region (December 12-14,2021)

The BSWM will provide a drilling rig for the construction of 34 groundwater observation wells.  A memorandum of agreement between ISU and BWSM will be forged.

4. Start of Purchase for Modelling Software

AquiMOD and MIKE

5. Coordination with ADMU and NWRB on the construction of Observation Wells

  Permits to be prepared

  Procurement of the GW Monitoring wells

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